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Ragging of students in any form is strictly prohibited within and outside the campus. An anti-ragging cell is constituted under the overall charge of the Dean. Students are advised to report cases of ragging (either on the college campus or hostel) to the Dean or Registrar or Senior Academic Head or Academic Head or Hostel Warden. Anyone found guilty of ragging shall be liable for punishment in accordance with the All India Council for Technical Education (Prevention and Prohibition of Ragging in Technical Institutions, Universities including Deemed to be Universities imparting technical education) Regulations 2009.

CDGI Anti-Ragging Committee

Following are the Anti-Ragging Cell member details with contact number:

S.No. Name of Member Designation Mobile Email ID
1 Dr. CNS Murthy Dean, CDGI    9329547034 dean@cdgi.edu.in
2 Prof. A.S.Kitur Dean-Training &Placement 7869920004 askittur@cdgi.edu.in
3 Prof.K.S.Jairaj Head, IQC 9302146596 ksjairaj@cdgi.edu.in
4 Prof.Srikant K Head, I&R 9300036301 ksrikant@cdgi.edu.in
5 Dr. Vikram Rathore Academic Head       9981621000 hod.phy@cdgi.edu.in
6 Dr. Pramod Goyal HOD, Management 9827275282 drpramod.goyal@cdgi.edu.in
7 Mr. Deepak Phalke HOD-ME   &  Warden 9993703219 hod.me@cdgi.edu.in
8 Mr. Animesh Kumar Masih HOD-EX 7869327208 hod.ee@cdgi.edu.in
9 Dr.K.Arun Bhat HOD-Civil 9893731189 hod.civil@cdgi.edu.in
10 Mr. C.A. Patil HOD-EC 9981470304 hod.ec@cdgi.edu.in
11 Mr. Surendra Shukla HOD-CS 9827245131 hod.cs@cdgi.edu.in
12 Mrs. Kirti Naik HOD-Maths 9826306090 hod.maths@cdgi.edu.in
13 Mr. Jasvant Mandloi HOD-IT 9893700161 hod.it@cdgi.edu.in
14 Dr. Bindiya Sharma HOD-Chemistry 9926124179 hod.che@cdgi.edu.in
15 Dr. Parveen Kittur HOD-Humanity 7869037384 hod.hum@cdgi.edu.in
16 SDM, Juni Indore Civil Administration, Indore 0731-2449125, 9425920720 0731-2449125, 9425920720
17 T.I Tejaji Nagar T.I Police Administration, Indore 0731-2874004 titejajinagar@gmail.com
18 Ms.Vasudha Khargonkar NGO - Representative 7898971394 vasudhakhargonkar@yahoo.co.in
19 Mr.Sanjay Bankda Media Person 9425066641 sanjaybankda@gmail.com
20 Mrs.Anita Pathrikar Parents Representative 9406660488 anitapathrikar@yaoo.in
21 Mr. Naval Singh Kushwah Parents  Representative  9826035178 navalsingh.kushwah@yahoo.in
CDGI Anti-Ragging Squad
S.No. Name of Member Designation Mobile Email ID
1 Mr. Deepak Phalke HOD –ME & Warden 9993703219 hod.me@cdgi.edu.in
2 Mr. C.A. Patil HOD-EC 9981470304 hod.ec@cdgi.edu.in
3 Dr. K.Arun Bhat HOD-Civil 9893731189 hod.civil@cdgi.edu.in
4 Mr. Surendra Shukla HOD-CS 9827245131 hod.cs@cdgi.edu.in
5 Mr. Vivek k. Gupta Associate Professor 9826337554 vivek.gupta@cdgi.edu.in
6 Mr.Arvind Shrimali Associate Professor 9827662096 Arvind.shrimali@cdgi.edu.in
7 Mr.Ishwar kaushal Asst. Professor 9329459883 ishwar.kaushal@cdgi.edu.in
8 Mr.Jaswant Mandloi HOD-IT 9893700161 jasvant.mandloi@cdgi.edu.in
9 Mr.Geetesh Kwatra Asst. Professor. 9827633966 geetech.kwatra@cdgi.edu.in
10 Mr.Jitendra Asati Sports In charge 9926062111 jitendra.asathi@cdgi.edu.in
11 Mr.Manish Gome Faculty Representative   9827450744 manish.gome@cdgi.edu.in
12 Mr.Manish Yadav Asst professor 9926395935 manish.yadav@cdgi.edu.in
13 Mr. Anjum Perwej Faculty MBA 9300171110 anjum.perwej@cdgi.edu.in
14 Dr.Nayna Kadam Faculty Representative 9826783862 nayana.kadam@cdgi.edu.in
15 Dr.Navneeta Upadhyay Faculty Representative   9425361924 navneeta.upadhyay@cdgi.edu.in
16 Mr.Nihit Jaiswal Training & Placement 9713922181 nihit.jaiswal@cdgi.edu.in
17 Mr.Nimish Thakkar Account Assistant 9754995651 nimish.thakkar@cdgi.edu.in
18 Mr.Sohan Singh Chouhan Office Executive 7748036514 Sohan.chouhan@cdgi.edu.in
19 Mr.Ankit Sharma Assistant Professor 9425465393 Ankit.sharma@cdgi.edu.in
20 Mr.Abhishek Dubey Assistant Professor 9893983462 abhishek.dubey@cdgi.edu.in
21 Mr.Chaitanya Singh Assistant Professor 9893111995 chaitanya.singh@cdgi.edu.in
Students Representatives for Anti Ragging Committee of CDGI Indore
S.No. Name Class & Section Contact No. Email ID
1  Manoj Kumar Verma  ME II- Semester  7898088079 ranamanojrana027@gmail.com
2 Sakshi Soni CE-II - Semester 9617920111 sakshisoni178@gmail.com
3 Minal Nagar ECE II - Semester 8120217178 pravin_mg@yahoo.com
4 Anmol Sharma EX II- Semester 7898696785 Anmolsharma1213@gmail.com
5 Ojas Shah ME IV -Semester 7869597978  chopra.adit8@gmail.com
6 Neha Gupta IT VI -Semester 9893533665  nehamona@gmail.com
7 Sarthak shah CSE VIII Semester 9424505535  ganishah981@gmail.com
8 Saloni Dhanotiya B.Sc II Semester 9589178049  Sallo1996@rediffmail.com
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