Department of Innovation and Research

About DIR:

Resonating to the prevailing challenge of dominance in the field of professional education , the management has felt that this could be the right time to bring about a positive change in the educational system. After setting up a benchmark in the area of academic excellence, the management has now shifted its focus on to areas neglected by the university and the regulating authorities. The enlightened management, which is determined to brighten the career prospects of its students, felt the need of a full-fledged department to implement and closely monitor prominent value addition activities in the institution. The department of Innovation and Research will strive to implement associated activities like industrial research and development, innovative practices in entrepreneurship, skill development through specialised and vocational training, Employability Skill Development and Industrial training. The department that will also closely monitor and evaluate the effectiveness with which these ambitious programs are being implemented in the institution. The management is quite aware of the fact that proper functioning of this department would have far-reaching implications on the future and branding of the institution and its students due to its impact on areas of job opportunities and self-employment.

The Department of Innovation and Research at CDGI is committed to promote an atmosphere of Research and Innovation. The department intends to motivate students and staff to take up projects with both innovative and entrepreneurial values with emphasis on converting their academic efforts into a career prospect. Priority will be accorded to projects involving multi disciplinary concepts.

The department received a shot in the arm when NSTEDB, working under the Department of Science and Technology, New Delhi, established an Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Cell (IEDC) at CDGI starting from the current academic year. Five projects submitted by students will be funded by IEDC, for the next five years. The management of CDGI will be funding another two projects in addition to the five projects funded by IEDC. The progressive management of CDGI has also instituted several cash prizes and awards to encourage students in bringing out the best projects under this scheme. With such motivation and encouragement from the government and the management, the department will definitely scale new heights in the years to come.

IEDC Activity

  • Four Day Workshop on “Robotics using Aurdino”
  • The department organized a four day workshop on “Robotics using Aurdino” from 16th to 19th Nov, 2016 . More than 60 students of CSE, IT, EC and Mechanical Engg. actively participated in this workshop which was conducted by Edo square Training and Research Center, Indore.
    Students were educated about using the Arduino board for designing robots that could perform basic tasks. During the last day of the workshop, students were able to design robots that could perform several tasks using Arduino boards. Students were also appraised about the relevance and utility of embedded systems.

  • Awareness Program for IEDC Project Mentors
  • Dr. Sanjay Jain, Head of the Department of Mechanical Engg. and IEDC co ordinator was invited to CDGI on 12th Nov 2016. Dr Sanjay Jain has been managing IEDC projects at IES-IPS Academy, Indore for the past five years. He was invited to share his experience with the IEDC project mentors of CDGI and also to answer their queries. Dr. Jain appraised the project mentors about their roles and responsibilities in managing the projects and also guided them about the way in which they could successfully complete their project work in time. He also provided valuable information related to the other government funding agencies through which the institute could be benefitted.
    All the IEDC technical committee members and project mentors attended the awareness program.