About IQAC:

Quality is never an accident,
It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution,
It represents a wise choice of many alternatives

In tune with this great quotation, the visionary management of CDGI has always believed in quality and built their systems on the strong bastions of uncompromising quality standards. At a time, when professional education is going through a purple patch, the Chairman of CDGI, Shri. Vinod Kumar Agarwal, a genius with farsighted vision, felt that there was a dire necessity of imbibing time tested quality standards into the existing system. As a result the academic and administrative team drafted a quality based developmental plan that could put CDGI far above the crowd of professional institutions during the coming decade, which is going to be a real testing time of survival.

The result of this futuristic planning was the establishment of the Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC), which is thrust with the responsibility of implementing the vision of the management in thought and action. Being fully aware of the fact that systems imbibed with quality have no fear of time, the management is definitely concerned about proper implementation and execution of its policies and principles for the secure future of its stakeholders under such challenging situations. The IQAC will therefore respond positively to the pulse of the management and will strive to incorporate quality standards at the micro and macro levels of curricular, co-curricular, extracurricular and administrative activities in the institution.

Salient features of the functioning of IQAC at CDGI:

  • Create quality culture in the institution
  • Create learner centric environment conducive for quality education
  • Plan and execute quality enhancement activities in the institution
  • Act as a nodal unit of the institution for implementation of quality based academics
  • Implement innovative practices during programmes and activities leading to quality enhancement.
  • Organization of workshops and seminars on quality related themes and promote proceedings of such activities in the institution
  • Adopt quality benchmarks and parameters for various academic and administrative activities in the institution.
  • Thrive to develop internalization and institutionalization of quality enhancement policies and practices
  • Obtain periodic feedback regarding individual activities from students and implement suggestions to enhance quality