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Event: 14 April 2021

CDIP has organised a Fitness Session on the occasion of WORLD HEALTH DAY April 2021: FIT PHARMA FIT INDIA. The session was graced by K11 certified fitness trainer & dieticians: Mr. Shubham Naneriya & Mr. Shubham Mishra. They focused on the diet as well as on the various excercise to be followed in our daily routine to maintain and get fit body. The students and faculty members also shared their nutritious recipe also.

The winners (faculty) for the Healthy recipes are: 1. Sourabh Jain, 2. Priyanka Soni, 3. Aanveekshikee Rathore

The winners (student) for the Healthy recipes are: 1. Shobhit Kishore, 2. Bhagirath Patel, 3. Sohail Siddique

Event: 27 March 2021

CDIP has organized SHAYARI COMPETITION on the occasion of HOLI 2021. The students have expressed their thoughts in the form of SHAYARI and sent their shayari via digital platform.

The winners for the competitions are: 1st: PRAVEEN NAVIK, 2nd: NIKHIL SHINDE, 3rd : PINKI BHALSE

Event: 08 March 2021


The staff members and the students were welcomed wholeheartedly and were addressed by Mrs. Priyanka Soni & Mrs. Shilpa Khambate. Various activities have been organized for the staff members and students like Identify the picture, Pass the Act (where did the communication went wrong) etc.

Event: 15-20 February 2021


Day-1 Sessions:

Day-2 Sessions:

Day-3 Sessions:

Day-4 Sessions:

Day-5 Sessions:

Day-6 Sessions:

Event: 16 February 2021

CDIP organized SARASWATI PUJAN: On the pious occasion of Saraswati puja, I wish you always stay blessed with prosperity and success in your life. Happy Basant Panchami!

Event: 13 February 2021

CDIP had organized an Interactive Session on "Introduction to Industrial Pharmacy" as a part of Saturday Activity for the students.

Students got aware of the importance of industrial pharmacy and also knew about the career opportunity in the industry.Active participation of students was seen with their question-answer round and pleased for another meditation session.

Event: 30 January 2021

CDIP had organized Meditation Session on "Peace of Mind" as a part of Saturday Activity. Students got aquainted with the importance of meditation.

Event: 23 January 2021

CDIP organized an "Intellectual Session" in association with "Law Talks" team for the students.

The title of the talk was "Pharmacy Laws Substitutes Magical Drugs from the Society," session was graced by Mr. Abhijeet Dube, Advocate and Founder of Law Talks. Sir highlighted the different aspects related to Pharma Laws on Magic Remedies.

Event: 16 January 2021

CDIP organized Online Debate Competition for the students, JUDGED By: Mrs. Shilpa Khambete

WINNERS: First Prize: Aditi Shah (B.Pharm, V sem) & Yuvraj Chouhan (B.Pharm, III sem), Second Prize: Diwakar Singh Tomar (B.Pharm, V sem), Third Prize: Swapnil Seth (D.Pharm, I yr)

Event: 02 January 2021

CDIP has organised a "MOTIVATIONAL SEMINAR: INSPIRE & ENCOURAGE" by Mr. Salman Zia sir.

During session sir focused on self motivation, self strengthen & personality development by some real life stories as well as movies.

Event: 05 December 2020

CDIP organized "GO GREEN: ART & CRAFT COMPETITION" for the students of D PHARM & B PHARM

Winners of the events: First prize - Yogita Kankar, (B.PHARM, III sem), Second prize- Laxmi Bansal (B.PHARM, III sem)

Event: 21 October 2020

On the occasion of Diwali & National Pharmacy Week, CDIP organized “TECH PHARMA RANGOLI COMPETITION” as a part of Saturday activity.

Winners of the events: I Prize- Saroj Bhole (B.Pharm, 3rd Yr), II Prize- Manisha Vishvkarma (B.Pharm, 1st Yr), III Prize- Yogita Kankar (B.Pharm, 2nd Yr), I Consolation Prize- Ragini Rathore (B.Pharm, 3rd Yr), II Consolation Prize- Geetanjali Prajapati (B.Pharm, 1st Yr)

Event: 04-11 November 2020

CDIP has organized an INDUCTION PROGRAM for the students of D & B pharm for Session 2020. THE PROGRAM IS SCHEDULED FROM 4-11 November 2020.

During the program various sessions have been organized for them to get acquainted with the Chameli Devi Institute of Pharmacy.

Event: 17 October 2020

CDIP organized “Navratri Special: Traditional Attire competition” under Saturday activity. Event was judged by Dr. Pawandeep Shukla (HOD, Diploma, CDIP)

Winners of the events: 1st prize - Saroj Bhole, 2nd prize – Payal Rathore, 3rd prize - Vijitashva Sharma, 1st Consolation prize- Rupali Rathore, 2nd Consolation prize – Vartika Patidar, 3rd Consolation prize – Sakshi Singh

Event: 10 October 2020

Calligraphy/ Handwriting competition under Saturday activity, Mrs. Pramila Vishwakarma has judged the event and encouraged all the participants.

Winners for Hindi Handwriting: 1st prize: Ms. Pinki Bhalse ( B.Pharm, V sem), 2nd prize: Ms. Apoorva Patidar ( B.Pharm, III sem), 3rd prize: Ms. Nausheen Jahan ( B.Pharm, III sem)
Winners for English Handwriting:1st prize: Ms. Mansi Raikwar ( B.Pharm, V sem), 2nd prize: Ms. Madhu Sengar ( B.Pharm, III sem), 3rd prize: Ms. Pooja Patel ( B.Pharm, III sem), Special Award in Calligraphy: Ms. Anjali Goud (MBA, II yr, CDIPS)

Event: 03 October 2020


Quiz has got an overwhelming response from participants. More than 100 students participated in the online quiz competition. Congratulations to all the participants and wish them a great future ahead.

Event: 26 September 2020

CDIP organized Painting/ Drawing/ Sketching Competition with the theme: “Transforming Global Health” OR “Multiple Roles of Pharmacist”. Judge for the competition Mrs. Priyanka Soni and Mr. Sourabh D. Jain; very impressed with the creative and imaginative perspective of students and artistic work.

Winner- Aman Bundela, First Runner Up- Jyoti Parmar, Second Runner Up- Mansi Raikwar and Shreya More, Consolation Prize- Shyam Goswami and Pushpendra Singh Jhala

Event: 25 September 2020

WORLD PHARMACIST DAY: "Transforming Global Health"- On this occasion IPA, MP State Branch has organised an E-Logo competition in which Mr. NIKHIL SHINDE student of B. Pharm V semester has secured III position. Heartiest congratulations to him.

Event: 25 September 2020

In the occasion of WORLD PHARMACIST DAY 2020, CDIP has organized PHARMACIST OATH followed by various competitions. The event was conducted via a virtual platform. The participants will be appreciated by E-certificate.

Event: 12 September 2020

*POEM RECITATION COMPETITION".Judge for the Poem recitation competition was Mr. Shivendra Raghuwanshi

Winner: Dushyant Singh Chandel, Runner up: Rohit Rathore, 1st Consolation prize: Rupali Rathore, 2nd Consolation prize: Shreya More, 3rd Consolation prize: Prateek Patidar

Event: 22 August 2020

CDIP organized Best out of waste and decoration competitions a part of Saturday Activity *(Ganesh Chaturthi special activity)*. Judgment for competition was done by Mr. Ankit Agrawal.

Winners:- Winner- Swati Singh (B.Pharm), First runner up- Diksha (D.Pharm), Second runner up - Hemant (B.Pharm), Third runner up - Nikita orawala (B.Pharm)

Event: 15 August 2020

On the occasion of 74th Independence Day CDIP organized the *Online Singing Competition* for the students of CDIP. Judge for the day was Mrs. Abhilasha Lohokare.

Winners:- Prashant Sharma - 1st, Saniya rathore - 2nd, Aman shaikh - 3rd, Vartika Naroliya- 4th

Event: 08 August 2020

Mehendi Compitition Organized by CDIP for the students.

Winners:- First prize: Pooja Patel, Second prize: Manisha Jangid, Third prize: Divyanshi Patidar

Event: 10-20 June 2020

CDIP Webcon: Day-9

Event: 10-20 June 2020

CDIP Webcon: Day-8

Event: 10-20 June 2020

CDIP Webcon: Day-7

Event: 10-20 June 2020

CDIP Webcon: Day-6

Event: 10-20 June 2020

CDIP Webcon: Day-5

Event: 10-20 June 2020

CDIP Webcon: Day-4

Event: 10-20 June 2020

CDIP Webcon: Day-3

Event: 10-20 June 2020

CDIP Webcon: Day-2

Event: 10-20 June 2020

CDIP Webcon: Day-1

Event: 10-20 June 2020

CDIP Webcon: "Role of Pharma Sector in Building Atmanirbhar Bharat"

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Event: 04 June 2020

An Awareness Talk on "EYE CARE DURING COVID- 19 ERA"

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Event: 29 May 2020

Grab the opportunity to BOOST your Score & enhance your NEET 2020 preparation through MOCK TEST 2020 going to be commence on 29/05/2020, Friday.

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Event: 28 May 2020


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Event: 21 May 2020

CDIP is organizing "Poster Competition" for XII class students. WINNERS will get exciting PRIZES

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Event: 20 May 2020

CDIP is organising a WEBINAR "Indian Herbal Immunity Booster" fight against COVID-19

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Event: 20-30 April 2020

ONLINE QUIZ: COVID- 19 How much do you know?

Click here to Participate and kindly go through the attached video also

Event: 05 March 2020

CDIP students presenting technical model during Technosrijan 2020 in Pharmacy innovative model competition zonal round held at Oriental University, Indore

Event: 04 March 2020

Students of CDIP presenting technical work during Technosrijan 2020 in Tech Poster Competition zonal round held at AIPER, Indore

Event: 03 March 2020

Students of CDIP presenting their creativity during Technosrijan 2020 in Tech Rangoli Competition zonal round held at AIPER, Indore

Event: 22 Feb 2020

FSDC's Public Speaking Initiative: Phase I by Mrs. Priyanka Soni

Event: 13-15 February 2020

SYNERZIA 2020: Inauguration of CDIP Annual Fest followed by Dance, Poetry & Singing competition. Students also Rocked the RAMP during Ethnic RAMP WALK.

SYNERZIA 2020 Day 2-Sports day: Cricket, Kabaddi, Carrom, Chess & 100m race


Event: 01 Feb 2020

BRNS sponsored one day National Symposium on "Radiotracer Techniques: Improve Nutritional Status and Health of Animals and Plants”

Event: 18 Jan 2020

FSDC activity on Public Speaking Skills By Mr Ashish K. Parashar

Event: 13 Jan 2020

Entrepreneurship Awareness Programme at CDIP Campus

Event: 17-23 Nov 2019



Day 1:Inaugural Ceremony followed by Pharma Quiz & AD- Made show

Day 2:Rangoli, Salad Decoration, Mehendi Competition followed by Treasure Hunt

Day 3: Health talk by Dr Aniruddha Vyas & Health check up camp by Dr. Suruchi Sharma in association with MEDANTA HOSPITAL

Day 4: A visit to Chameli Devi Agrawal Blood Bank & Diagnostic Centre, Indore powered by Apollo Hospital. The visit focuses on preparing the students acquainted with various equipments.

Day 5: Plantation and Sports Activity

Day 6: Prize Distribution Ceremony

The ceremony was graced by Dr. Rajesh Rathore, community pharmacist running own Medical a Government aided Jan Aushadhi Kendra & Dr. Arun Kumar Gupta, Principal, CDIP

Event: 17 Oct 2019

Industrial Visit for B.Pharm III Semester Students at Vishal Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd, Sanwer road, Indore

Event: 04 Oct 2019

Webinar by Prof. Abhay Pandit, Science Director of CURAM, National Centre for Research in Medical Devices, National University of Ireland, Galway at CDIP Campus

Event: 02 Oct 2019

Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti Celebration at CDIP Campus

Event: 11 Sept - 02 Oct 2019

"Swachhata Hi Seva Campaign" commenced by the CDIP faculty members & students in order to make the campus plastic free

Event: 25 September 2019

CDIP Celebrated 11th World Pharmacist Day 2019

Theme: “Safe & Effective Medicines for All”

Event: 05 September 2019

Teacher's Day Celebration at CDGI Campus

Event: 02 September 2019

Ganesh Utsav celebration by students and faculty members of CDIP

Event: 30 August 2019

Divyam Purohit student of B Pharm I semester has won a gift hamper for Mimicry Performance in college ke tashan baaz from 93.5 RED FM

Event: 14 August 2019

Plantation by students & faculty members of CDIP

Event: 27 July 2019

One Day Workshop on pH meter, Clavnger Apparatus and Organ bath for B Pharm III semester

Event: 19 June 2019

CDIP Foundation Day Celebration

Event: 23 April 2019

One Day Workshop on "EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE SKILLS" by Faculty & Student Development Cell (FSDC)

Event: 16 March 2019

MPCOST SPONSORED NATIONAL SEMINAR ON "Emerging Trends and Innovations in Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology & Nanomedicines"

Event: 01 March 2019

Industrial Visit at Nandani Laboratory Ltd. Indore for D.Pharm students

Event: 02 February 2019

AERB sponsored One Day National Seminar on "Challenges and Opportunities in Nuclear Medicine at Health Care" at CDIP Campus

Event: 23 January 2019


Event: 24 November 2018

One day workshop on How to take Vitals like BP, Sugar, CPR and Some other First Aid measures as a part of National Pharmacy Week Celebration

Event: 18-24 November 2018

National Pharmacy Week celebration at CDIP Campus

Event: 06 October 2018

Workshop on Extraction Processes at CDIP Campus

Event: 25 September 2018

CDIP celebrated World Pharmacist Day

Event: 08 September 2018

CDIP organized Eye Checkup Camp for Faculties

Event: 05 September 2018

Teacher's Day Celebration at CDIP Campus

Event: 01 September 2018

One Day Workshop on Thin Layer Chromatography conducted at CDIP Campus

Event: 13 August 2018

Plantation during first year Induction Program

Event: 19 June 2018

Inaugural Ceremony of Chameli Devi Institute of Pharmacy at CDGI Campus

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